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The Peace Education Foundation is grounded in the belief that if people, especially children, can learn skills to deal constructively with conflict on the interpersonal level, they can extend these skills to ever wider levels in society. Peace at wider social levels, including the international, can be achieved only through developing peace-making skills as part of everyday life of a community and society.
The Peace Education Foundation believes that to change a child is to the change the world. Our proven method of conflict resolution develops skills such as anger management, respect, self-discipline, empathy, cooperation, problem solving and effective communication through creative teaching methods. We rely on donations to help support the crucial work that we are engaged in across the US and around the world. Your donations are put directly to work to protect children from violence, create safe environments for them to learn, and to help insure that children and their families live in safe and secure communities. Through your gift you can change the life of a child, the environment of a school, and the dynamics of a community.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The beautiful and hopeful vision of a peaceful world and a bright future for all children can happen only through taking very practical and concrete steps to change the way that whole generations of children think and act. Each gift that we receive helps us to make great strides on our common journey.
We appreciate donations by whatever means you prefer:
1. For information on planned giving or major gifts, please contact Lloyd Van Bylevelt, President by email or call toll-free (800) 749-8838.
2. You may mail a check for any amount (made out to "Peace Education Foundation") to Development Office, Peace Education, 1900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami FL 33132.
3. You may donate specific amounts through our website. (This requires only a brief registration as a customer in our on-line store.)