Medellin Schools Celebrate Successful Implementation and continue Peace Education Training

Archdiocese of Medellin Schools Educators reconvene for a day of follow-up training in Peer Mediation with 70 teachers from all of their 29 schools at the Instituto Universitario Salazar y Herrera. The school teams composed of administrators and teachers reported the very successful work of implementation accomplished over 3 months since their first training in July.

Teams returned to their respective schools and replicated the PeaceWorks workshops with their staff to implement the Peace Education program throughout the Archdiocesan Schools. Since all schools received the PeaceWorks Curriculum along with the training they were able to provide their teachers with the Peace Education lessons to implement in the classrooms.

They reported on the positive change in schools climate as teachers creatively implemented community and team building activities, worked on Peace Rules, anger management, effective communication, listening skills, and the peer mediation process thereby preventing conflicts, reducing disciplinary incidents and creating a much more joyous, interactive and participatory peaceful environment in the classroom and school. The schools adopted our model and curriculum as a response to the mandate of Colombia’s Ministry of Education to establish Peace Studies (“Catedra de Paz”) in all schools throughout the country as part of the National Peace and Reconciliation Process.