The Peace Education Foundation is invited as co-sponsor and presenter at the II International Conference on the Child - II Congreso Internacional de Ninez: Crianza y Desarrollo hosted by the Asociacion Carino and El Comite de Rehabilitacion de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia focusing on the theme of Child Protection in Rearing and Development. 62 Conference attendees participated in two workshops integrating Conflict Resolution as a tool for Violence Prevention in our work with chldren, families, and persons with special needs. The Peace Education Foundation is proud to co-sponsor and collaborate with Asociacion Carino and El Comite de Rehabilitacion de Antioquia which advocate on behalf of abused children, women and persons with special needs in Medellin and the Antioquia Province.  The Conference convened more than 300 participants from all disciplines related to children and families in an attempt to bring about systemic legal, attitudinal and social change in Colombia's treatment of child and women victims of violence and all persons with special needs in all sectors of society. The conference focused on the rights of children, sustainable child developement objectives, diversity and wholistic developement, education, and creative innovation from a place of wonder.