"Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives
for responding to conflict...alternatives to violence”
-Dorothy Thompson

Board of Trustees

  • Andrea Bermudez, Ph.D 
  • Pilar Campos 
  • Jacqui Colyer 
  • Isabel Cuadros, M.D 
  • M. Sylvia Fernandez, Ph.D 
  • Pedro Herrera, Esq., Chair 
  • Robert Leathers, Treasurer
  • Mary Hurley-Lane, Secretary
  • Anne Liam Lees, O.P.
  • Marc Leffin, Vice-Chair
  • Betty Noe
  • Marie Osborne, Esq.
  • John Tetzeli 
  • Anne Thompson


  • Lloyd Van Bylevelt, President
  • Ivette Arzola, Finance Director
  • Marta Moreno, Program Director and Trainer
  • Francisco Vega, D.Min, Program Director and Trainer
  • Nancy Brice, Trainer
  • Jean Marvel, Trainer
  • Rick Lewis, Trainer
  • Fritz Zuger, Consultant