Preventing Bullying Through PeaceWorks in Columbia at the V Symposium on School Bullying

The Peace Education Foundation is invited to give the opening presentation at the V International Symposium on Bullying Prevention – V Simposio internacional: Acoso escolar/bullying held at Universidad CES in Medellin, Colombia.

This international conference on Bullying convened more than 400 participants for two days of reflection on the adverse impact of all forms of school bullying in the lives of children and families. This interdisciplinary conference brought together educators, parents, counselors, social workers, and psychologists who found a wealth of resources and help to deal with this serious problem in our schools. Dr. Frank Vega, representing PEF, presented on the topic: “Preventing Bullying…The Possibilities for Creating Caring, Inclusive School Environments” using the dynamic, interactive lessons and activities from the PeaceWorks Curriculum.