R.I.D.E. (Resolving Issues Drivers Encounter) – Digital Book




R.I.D.E. introduces school bus drivers to the key elements of conflict resolution, offering suggestions for resolving student behavioral problems on the school bus in a safe and effective manner. Make it a component of your comprehensive conflict resolution program! We offer on-site training on all our curricula—call (800) 749-8838 for details!

The school bus driver is the first and last employee many students see each day. Transportation workers need training in how to handle student conflicts effectively before they escalate. R.I.D.E. can help. This program contains everything necessary to give your transportation workers a solid foundation in basics of conflict resolution that they can use in the few spare moments they have available. The fully scripted facilitator’s manual includes color transparencies for training (which usually takes two to three hours), a handy reference guide for drivers, and a special poster designed to fit overhead in the bus. R.I.D.E. is a must-have for your school’s comprehensive conflict resolution plan.

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