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WinWin! provides a great enhancement to English and Social Studies classes! Teens can relate to the issues addressed in this visually engaging, full color curriculum. Written with humor and intelligence, WinWin! candidly tackles some of the toughest problems facing today’s teens including cultural and ethnic stereotyping, violence, anger management, sexual harassment and more.
WinWin! is a comprehensive learning tool that teaches students the skills they need to resolve conflicts constructively.

(Note: This curriculum covers conflict resolution in general. For the training process for Peer Mediators, see Mediation: Getting to WinWin!)
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Great for anyone who works with teens! WinWin! tackles problems that face today’s teenagers, including anger management, conflicts, cultural differences, sexual harassment, and violence. WinWin! is a comprehensive learning tool that teaches students they need to resolve conflicts constructively-without violence. The WinWin! full color magazine offers articles by well-known writers, bold photos and illustrations, quizzes and more. It comes with an informative teacher’s guide and WinWin! Rules for Fighting Fair poster. The WinWin! video contains five scenarios designed to encourage discussion and debate among your students. The video includes a comprehensive teacher’s guide, complete with a synopsis of each scenario, discussion questions, and definitions.

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