The Peace Education Foundation’s teaching methodology is based on the premise that the teacher is the key to our program’s success.

By applying our teaching strategies we can help create a more peaceful climate in the classroom and ensure the successful implementation of the PeaceWorks curriculum. These strategies are also designed to aid students in acquiring essential conflict resolution skills for school and life.

Our Method


The teacher professes the attitudes and practices the behaviors expected of students. The goal is to let students know how, in “real life,” to apply the appropriate set of Rules and associated skills such as reflective listening, I-Statements, anger management and problem solving.


Teach the students what to do and why to do it. Break it down into understandable parts. Give students the chance to practice.


Help students use the techniques appropriately in real-life situations. Offer support and corrective feedback when needed. The goal is for students to translate knowledge and abstraction into practical application.


Give students brief reminders to use their skills. Express confidence in their ability to succeed. Recognize students’ appropriate use of skills. The goal is for students to use appropriate behavior and expand upon their ability without a dependence on adult presence.


After students reach proficiency, give them a role in teaching or coaching less experienced students. The goal is to allow students to demonstrate their competence and to acknowledge the value in habitual use of the skills.