Peace Scholars: Creative Conflict Solving, Grade 5




Revised and expanded from one of our earliest teacher’s guides, Creative Conflict Solving provides a broad range of problem-solving skills and concepts: understanding conflict escalation and de-escalation, bullying dynamics, perception taking, and news clippings and real-life examples of aggression and peacemaking. Students are encouraged to apply their conflict resolution skills in their community by preparing an action plan and goal-setting techniques. We offer on-site training on all our curricula—call (800) 749-8838 for details!

Grade Five curriculum offers lessons designed to provide students with valuable conflict resolution, peer mediation, violence and bullying prevention, and life skills like: anger management, community building, effective communication, perception, problem-solving, critical thinking, character development and more. Each lesson is a complete teaching tool, with a conceptual base and objectives, detailed activities and discussions questions. It also includes tips for infusing the lesson into everyday classroom activities. Two posters keep the Peace Scholar Rules and the Problem-solving Process always ready for your students to use!

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