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Enliven and enrich in school, physical education and out-of-school programs with WinWin! Games. Based largely on New Games, this book contains fun, interactive small and large group games for everyone from about third grade on up (some of the motor skills may prove too complex for primary grades). Questions at the end of each game offer opportunities for casual group discussions and further application. Many of them emphasize healthy and fun aspects of competition, without promoting aggressive, win-lose attitudes. Students will learn the value of working together, acknowledging different skills, strategic problem-solving, and more.
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Enrich and energize in-school, afterschool and P.E. programs with WinWin! Games. More than 25 fun and challenging games allow students to have a great time while learning the principles of teamwork, cooperation, building community, conflict resolution, problem-solving, effective communication, and more. Each game is explained in detail with preparation instructions and a step-by-step procedure. Every game also includes a conceptual base, objective, and a series of questions that will foster meaningful discussion of the concepts behind the game. Appropriate for grades four through high school.

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