We offer a variety of training programs. We can tailor any agenda, on any of our materials, to the needs of your school, district, or company.

To schedule an on-site training, call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 and ask to speak with a trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does training offer that the teacher's guides do not?

How much will on-site training cost?

Does the training allow combining grade levels?

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of participants?

What do we need to provide for the training?

Do you train non-instructional staff as well?

What about follow-up after the training?

Frankly, our staff needs help getting along before we can teach our students. Can you help?

Do you offer a Training of Trainers?

What can we do to help involve the parents?

How do we schedule an on-site training?

Please call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 with any specific questions.
“The workshop was great and has educated me on why and how to use the materials. It has been time well spent and Chuck made it fun and interesting.”
— Jenny T., Middle School teacher, Nashville, TN