The most effective violence prevention strategy calls for a comprehensive training approach including administrators, teachers, counselors, students, parents and family, and community members.

To schedule an on-site training, call us at (305) 576-5075 or (800) 749-8838 and ask to speak with a trainer.

To fulfill this need, we offer a variety of training programs using our evidence-based curricula in English and Spanish which we schedule onsite through school districts or community agencies, or at our own training center in Miami.

Conflict Resolution for administrators, teachers, counselors, and community agencies working with children and teens from grades PK-12. This dynamic, practical workshop creatively uses our evidence- based PeacWorks Curricula to teach essential conflict resolution strategies and peacemaking skills and values such as cooperation, anger management, effective communication, empathy, problem solving to implement in your school or program. See more

Peer Mediation introduces administrators, teachers, counselors, and community agencies working with children and teens from grades 4-12 to key Mediation strategies for the implementation of a school Peer Mediation program for resolving student conflicts in a safe and effective manner. See more

Creating Caring Children assists childcare providers and parents of children from birth to three to identify, address and meet the child’s developmental need through the use conscious, caring language. See more

Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids for childcare providers and PK teachers of children three to five years of age. This workshop promotes social-emotional development, character building and values by teaching respect, responsibility and cooperation through the incorporation of early literacy for school readiness. See more

Resolving Family Conflicts introduces parents and family members of all ages who can benefit from basic conflict resolution and mediation skills to create a safe violence-free home environment. See more

Resolving Issues Drivers Encounter (R.I.D.E) introduces school bus drivers to the key elements of conflict resolution for resolving student behavioral problems in a safe and effective manner. See more

[The training] was clear, focused, real-world, and stimulating. Great day! Thanks!

– Lory Q., Detroit, MI

This type of training can benefit many aspects of your life, not just professionally.

– Kelli B., Cuthbert, GA