PeaceWorks Lessons Mentoring Series for Teachers

This series models how to creatively teach conflict resolution skills and social-emotional learning.


Hello Bingo!": Meeting and Greeting Builds a Peaceful Classroom

This community-building lesson/game helps students discover likes and dislikes, find common ground, build friendships, celebrate differences, build self-esteem, and practice effective communication skills.

Companion book: Lesson found in PeaceWorks Curriculum (Grades 3-4; 6-7)





Teaching the "I-Care Rules" with The Little Red Hen

This popular children's book and role play is used to creatively teach the importance of cooperation and practicing the I-Care Rules for building a safe and caring community.

Companion book: Lesson found in Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids (Grade: PK-K, p. 14)





"The Knots": Problem-Solving in Action!

This dynamic activity teaches students cooperation, team-building, win-win, and problem-solving strategies as they unravel their human knot.

Companion book: WinWin Games! (p. 35)